Drink Well, Do Good


All our farmers strive to high standards of sustainability and biodiversity in the vineyards and throughout the process of winemaking. This not only produces more complex and elegant wines, but also crops more resilient to threats such as water stress or pests, because it is a well-balanced, harmonious ecosystem.


All our vineyards produce high quality to premium wines. The farmers have been producing this way for generations and with their experience and devotion to winemaking, we can assure the quality of the wine always to be always high.
Even if the harvest didn’t produce the expected quality due to special circumstances, we guarantee the same quality but with harvest from vineyards from the same estate. If you don’t want fruits from other vineyards, we will refund your money. 

By owning a Grapekeeper vineyard, you are restoring and keeping the land for generations to come. Drink well, do good!

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